Great Weekend



FINALLY!!! Some sun has hit London after months of rain, causing us to have the worst summer that I've experienced in the 6 years I've been here!

Of course, it was straight off to the pub Friday night to get some drinking on. Maverick Stef was all set for the sun (after landing his F-16 by the looks of it):

We went fairly hard that night, even venturing to "Browns" (I'm not gonna tell you what sorta place that is). We we so hard in fact, that it might've been a wee bit much for poor ol' Andrew and Chris, who ended up snuggling on the back seat of the cab home:

Chris was really out to it:

Sun was spent at the park. Karl was heading off back to NZ, so (from left to right) Andrew, Stu, Shan, Chris, Karl, Crazy, James, Ian's mate, Meels, Grant, Tania, Ian, Stef, Adele, Zara and I went to the park to drink, play touch, throw the Frisbee around and be merry.

Not quite sure what Stef is subjecting Zara to here, but Chris seems pretty happy about the grip Zara has on his nipple:

Even Zara couldn't go past a refreshing beer (hmm, I hope child services don't see this page):

Karl and Chris entertaining Zara:

Crazy, Meels, Tans and Grant:

An Elf that looks like James:

More baby entertaining:

A look of "What the hell is that pointed at me making snapping noises" and "Hmm, I wonder if it will fit in my mouth..."

And finally at a pub after for after drinks, um, drinks. Shea joined us here and looks like he was making out with Chris...


By Tony Baker: email