Edinburgh for Touch and Rugby



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I was lucky enough to score a ticket through Crazy to All Blacks vs Scotland World cup match, as well as participate in a touch torney.

Were treated with great weather most of the weekend and a sunny, scenic trip up:

We basically chilled the first night with nothing out of the ordinary happening:

We all just had a great big steak to prepare ourselves for all the running around we were about to do the next day.

Nothing could really prepare us for Marcel's touch outfit, however:

Here's the touch team, called Evolution:

And some action pics, like this one with Crazy running up to mount Jenny:

James throwing a giant egg over Anna's head:

Crazy standing around trying to do the Haka while I spring forward in to action:

Um, seriously, don't know what to say here, but an obvious technique for putting off the opposition:

Try time! Nothing like elbowing the opposition in the face, knocking them down to the ground as you stroll on over the try line, is there, Noel?!:

Looks like Crazy didn't do it for Jenny, Here she is making out with the opposition while people stare in disbelief (time and place, Jen, time and place):

Of course, in between games we needed to recoup our energy, Karen ate too many banana's unfortunately, and multiplied into 3 monkeys:

The other snack of choice was Marcel's fantastic banana cake:

There was also a horse drawing competition, here's CC's effort (rather lovely):

And the team effort where we all took turns to pass it round and round the group, drawing a tiny bit each time (should be in some gallery):

We only won one game through most of the tourney, so we decided to hit the beers for the final pool deciding game just to make us all feel better:

And that was the magic potion we needed! We won our last two games, the plate and of course, it was out on the booze to celebrate!

Click on to see so rather amusing drunken pics...

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