Dave Dobbyn



Damn, I've been meaning to get these pics up for WEEKS now!

Bunch of us went to see Dave Dobbyn in concert on the 21st of June in Camden, London. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, just a damn good drunken night!

Me, Dennis, Shan and Karl, I have no idea what sort of expression we're trying to pull off here:

Me with pretty boy, I mean James, with Kent in the background:

Me with Andrew and Kent:

Tania, me, Nic and Grant. Couple of randoms in the background by the looks of it!

Shan and I:

Dennis and I:

Nic, Dick, Grant and Tans:

Karl and Ian:

James, Dennis and myself.

Oh, and here's a small vid I took on my camera phone for ya, just to get a tiny taste of what it was like.


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