Crowded House - Wembley Arena

Performance was on 09/12/07



Awesome, awesome, AWESOME concert! Man, Crowded House really know how to get a capacity crowd going.

I've created a video, but it really doesn't do the 10,000+ Kiwis singing in the audience justice, Neil Finn and the crowd singing sounded far more spectacular in person, real raise-the-hair-on-the-back-of-ya-neck kinda stuff. Guess you'll just have to go to one of their concerts to experience it!

Here's the vid I took at any rate, I only recorded the quieter songs due to the crappy mic on my camera:

download (14 MB)

You Tube

And here's some pics of the night:

If ya get the chance to see Crowded House, especially in an Arena that sounds as fantastic as Wembley, you better bl00dy well do so!


By Tony Baker: email