Cool Weekend



I had a nice wee weekend just gone! Thought I'd post a few pics.

Went to Tate Modern on Sat to check it out with Bridget, saw some other people occupying their time along the way (in the Thames):

Here's the latest exhibit at the Tate, a bl00dy great crack in the ground:

Here's another pic of a bl00dy great crack and a close up of the one in the ground:

Had a drinkie at the bar in the Tate Modern after checking it out for a few hours, there's a sweet view from the bar on the 8th floor towards St Paul's:

Walking across the Millennium Bridge (you can just make out Bridget grinning):

Bridget had a big get together of her netball team and I got a bunch of the guys to crash it.

Here's Chris, sporting his latest purchase, a brand new hat:

Here's me wearing it. Toot, Toot! Chug-a-chug-a goes the train:

Cross eyed Andrew:

Tom Selleck wearing the hat (oops! It's actually Crazy):

and Sabina (Marta's sister) showing that the hat can actually look alright on someone:

A bunch of us took off to the Maple Leaf pub after dinner, where we spied a big bear, who rather enjoyed wearing the hat as well, although he got a bit peeved when I gave him a nipple-gripple:

Luckily Andrew calmed the bear down with a kiss:

And finally, a nice drunken photo of us:

(Marta, Andrew, Crazy, Terry, Sabina, Chris, Me and Bridget)

We all took off to Temple Walkabout after that and got totally sloshed till some wee hour of the morning. Didn't get up till about 3:30, just in time to see the sun set (which it was, after "brunch" had finished at 4:30!!!!)

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