Clay Pigeon Shooting



I've still gotta get a couple more Egypt pages up, but I might save doing that when I'm on my flight to NZ in a week...

Here's a quick page showing Craig, Andrew, Crazy, Kent, Stef, me and Grant after we went clay pigeon shooting today (this pic taken at the pub after):

The shooting field, you stand in those wooden "boxes" and shoot out towards the trees:

Here's Craig with the instructor, getting ready to kick some clay pigeon ass:


Here's me lining up another poor unsuspecting clay pigeon:

Stef trying to keep up with my high score:

And Kent pretending that the clay pigeons are annoying work mates:

We all had a sweet day, in the final competition (25 shots each):

Grant "dead-eye" Lami came first with 22,
Stef "pinpoint" Poulus and Tony "nailer" Baker tied for second with 21,
Andrew "duck killer" Kelly next on 20,
Kent "winged it" Barber and Crazy "crazy" Morton (in his camo pants and camo shoes, yes camo shoes) tied on 18 and
Craig "pot-shot" Bailey taking it in the rear on 14.

Oh and here's a very short vid showing Stef and I shooting:

on you-tube


or click play below:

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