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Ahh, Amsterdam. "Quiet atmosphere, lack of things to do and vast elderly population which essentially has the effect of turning it in to one giant old folks retirement home." Yep, those are things you'd never say about it.

I went there last weekend with Stef, Crazy, James and Andrew. We started off by sinking a number of beers at the airport while we waited for our delayed train. It was enough booze to make us think that swiping Stef's shoe and putting it *just* out of his reach (requiring him to repeatedly leap up to try and get it, much like a kangaroo) was one of the funniest things we'd seen in a while:

After dropping our bag off, we took off to a bar to catch up with Stef's bro. Here's Crazy pointing it out and Andrew on a surf board, hanging 10:

LOOK! Crazy would often say as he pointed out buildings of interest:

Such as this one:

"ISN'T IT SOOOOO PRUTTY!!!" Crazy would also often say as his brain took it all in with an expression of "I wanna suck on a great big lollypop" on his face:

Off to another bar, I told James to pose for a pic, as I hadn't taken many of him so far:

Then I realised that I should also take a pic of Andrew:

THEN I thought, I should really take a group pic, of Andrew, Stef, Stef's bro, Stef's cuzzy and the waitress who served us:

THEN I thought it would be great to get a pic of just Stef and his bro:

And finally I wanted to be in a pic with Andrews tongue and someone more pretty than the waitress:

After all that, off to ANOTHER pub where Crazy, James and Andrew decided to turn incredibly gay, apparently:

Then Stef said, "take a smilie pic of me and my bro that I can print out and sent to our parents! They'll be so wrapped with something they can put on their mantel!" (I think I captured the happiness of two brother who love each other):

Then finally I got round to getting a pic of just us guys in it. Andrew decided that working in the red light district sounded like a great idea and we accidentally caught him in this pic showing his "want a BJ for 10 euro" face:

At about 5am in the morning when the pub closed and we had to leave, we thought we'd save a few quid and bike home. James found out that it wasn't the greatest idea that we had all come up with:

LOOK! Another classic "I took this pic at some ungodly hour of the morning" snap from myself:


Those photos where NOTHING! Now check out the next page:


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