Alton Towers



I just thought that I'd quickly post some snaps of James, Richard, me, Andrew, Kent and Stu from our trip to Alton Towers for Andrews birthday. Andrew has posted these and a bunch more on his site. Here we all are:

On the log flume, Iooks like I'm rather concerned about getting wet here...

Here's the snap I posted in Dear Diary a few days ago:

Outside Alton Towers castle:

This has got to be the worst "ride" at Alton Towers, in fact, the only reason we went on it is because someone said that you get free chocolate at the end of it, lying baastards. I want 30 mins of my life back, damn it!

Stu proving that he's a man on the "electric chair". Kent and I making sure that he becomes a man... He lasted the distance as well:

And on the train ride home, sinking a few beers. Kent and Stu:

James and Crazy:

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