The Mount



Here's a bit of sunny Kiwiana, dedicated to all you Kiwi's enjoying the UK winter right now! :-)

The other week I went to Tauranga to The Mount to sit on the beach and soak up some rays with the family.

For those of ya who don't know, this is the mount:

A trip to the Mount isn't complete without climbing it, well worth it to get a nice taste of nature, here's my Dad and I:

Here's Katharyn (Emma's mate) who joined us:

Views from the top are great (especially after sweating ya arse off getting up there in the hot sunny weather):

Here's the family (minus my bro Phil and you can't quite see Emma's new husband Kyle)

It was awesome spending time with my new niece, Tyla:

Who of course had a fascination of eating loads of sand and rocks whenever we weren't looking:

She can't quite walk yet, but looking cool was well within her capabilities:

I was stoked :-)

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