Winter Netball



We've just finished out winter netball season and, to be modest, we caned everyone. Our finals game was 24 to 5, which was one of our closest! We also drank several pints over a game of poker 2 hours before the game at the pub...

Here are the champs before the game:

Meel's (well, her ghost as she was away on holiday), Diane (fill in for Amelia), Tania, Nic, Robyn
Grant, Stef, myself

Here is the opposition going for a goal, Grant was very disappointed that the ball managed to get past him for a change, hanging his head in shame as he walks off to the right....

Here's Stef, proving that Ozzy's can jump:

A real shame that this photo is all blury, but you can make me out, doing something very manly by the looks of it:

Here I am again, the ball was made of crystal so I had to be very careful with it:

Tan's was following my suggestion of shoving the opposition chicks until they cry:

Of course, being the lovely person that she is, she was sure to give them a big hug to calm them down again:

Grant got bored of playing netball at one stage and decided to have a go at basketball.:

It's no secret that I've got a firm buttocks, Nic finally caved in and went for a cheeky grab:

I cheated a couple of times and used my "super speed" powers to move faster than a speeding bullet compared to everyone else to get down the court...

Yes, we won the final and got a MASSIVE cup as a reward:

Of course, we all took turns to pose with it (over a few pints, of course!):

If you still don't believe how good we are, here's a wee video to show ya how it's done :-)


By Tony Baker: email