Some Kiwiana: Waihou River


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I went for a walk with my family down the Waihou river (also known as Thames river) back in NZ and took some great pics.

All the water from the Waihou river is spring fed and it takes up to 100 years to come from the Mamaku Plateau at 42 cubic metres per minute. The water stays about 11 degrees Celsius in winter or summer. The water itself is extremely clear and blue because of the lack of particles which absorb light (water itself only absorbs red light, making it look blue/green). A lot of NZ water is bottled out of this stream and I heard it's the second most pure bottled water in the world.

Here's my sister Emma, my new bro in law Kyle (pushing Tyla), me and my Mum in the background:

Here's Tyla, she greatly preferred taking the royal carriage (i.e. the top of shoulders) for a much better look, I'm just glad she didn't try and use the royal carriage's toilet...

Here's Mum and Dad. They've only ever gone so far as to hold hands, I was born by immaculate conception:

Here's Katharyn who joined us and kept pinching my camera to take snaps...

...such as these:

Katharyn also had fun "blessing" Emma and Kyle's marriage (see this short vid).


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