V Festival 2006 - Weston Park, Staffordshire

(04/09/06) - Two pages plus video

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After last year's adventures at V in Hylands Park, Chelmsford we decided to take off to the other location, this time with a few more of the guys! Matt's car was really feeling the strain this time, initially taking 5 of us and the gear:

Until we met up with Phil half way, who took Crazy off our hands (he might have been suspicious after asking if he could take someone and we all yelled out "YES, CRAZY JOHN!!!" at the same time). That just left Matt, Mark, Craig and I in the car:

Ohh, and we saw a lovely rainbow on the way up. We all held hands and shared our feelings:

Until we got into the queue of traffic trying to get into V:

It ended up taking us 12 hours from leaving London until we got the first tent set up. Usually it would be a 2.5 hour drive, but with the combination of beer, taking a wrong turn towards South Wales (drunkenly distracted by some hot chick in a car at a critical junction) and stop offs at pubs, well, it took a while. We got there in the end:

You'll notice the silver tarpaulin over Matt's tent, complete overkill as it was a fairly good one but he decided to hog it because I gave my shiitty 2 man tent with no fly for Crazy and Pete to share and the moaning that came out of their mouths deserved to be punished "OHHHHH, come on guys, you've all got 3 man tents each, except for Mark and Craig who are sharing an 11 man tent together, can we at least have the canvas to stop us getting wet?!!!"


"OHHHH!!! Come on, can't I crash in your tent Tony, you've got HEAPS of room!!!"



Anyway, after a rather relaxing nights sleep, starfished across my tent's floor, giggling to myself hearing stuff like "Look, Morton, get your bloody elbow out of my side, LOOK, move the fu<k over would you?!!!!" we started our first day at V, tempted by the Manwash where you stand on a conveyer as 4 hot chicks wash you down:

We set up "camp" out from the main stage, "smuggling" our chairs in. By smuggling I mean simply walking through the security (picking out a woman security guard) with her yelling "Sir, SIR, is that a chair?! SIR YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT IN THERE, SIR". It's amazing how effective not turning around or giving a flying poo towards security staff can be, knowing that they can't chase after you because there are several hundred people pushing in behind you:

Here's Crazy, um, being crazy:

And here's Phil doing his best hobbit impersonation, although I personally think he looks more like an Ewok:

Here's Sugarbabes on stage. They where cr@p. Seriously, they aren't even that good looking close up:

Although they did pull a few interesting characters out of the crowd:

Now, THIS was more like it!


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