"The Plankers" Behind the scenes

(12/06/06 & 19/06/06)

Added Day time view from Ian and Shannon's flat


Ian has started filming his latest movie, called The Plankers and I was able to help him get some footage for a scene last Friday!

I put together a few clips of us getting ready, so here is The Plankers, behind the scenes (part one):

low-res (download)

Medium-res (via Google)

Also, you can check out the professionally done vids that Ian has put together on Google video here and here rather amusing.

I also took the opportunity to take a few snaps of London as it has been an AWESOME sunny weekend!

Here's a shot near where we did the filming (Bermondsey)

(the smog really makes the sun look wicked)

And here's a snap from Ian and Shannon's flat (18 stories up) when I was there to copy the footage to Ian's PC (click image for larger version):

Day time:

Night time:

You can (just) make out:

Big Ben London Eye
City Hall St. Paul's
Tower 42

The Gherkin
(Check out my Gherkin web page for view Back to Ian's)


Tower Bridge


And finally, here's a snap from my room Sun morning...

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