Stu and Mel's Wedding



Here's Stu and Mel:

They got married last Feb when Crazy and I went back to NZ.

Their wedding kicked ass, Sean was his best man and I made Groomsman, which was pretty sweet. No-one's ever trusted me for such a position and I've probably screwed up ever getting in such a position again with the boys, as Stu got a scar that will probably stay with him the rest of his life on his stag do thanks to me getting him on stage at the strip club we went to and me saying "yeah, do anything"... Guys, I've learned from my mistakes, don't worry.

Anyway Stu was supposed to send me pics MONTHS ago, but he's useless and Mel finally got around to posting them out to me. I've chosen a few of my favourites.

Wondering if Mel's gonna show:

Fortunately she did, Stu was stoked about that:

And didn't let go of her so she couldn't run away. Mel's pretty feisty, so Sean and I had to help Stu hold her back:

The same couldn't be said for us:

Here's my champagne glass Karate chop on the cork coming out of the bottle (caught mid flight):

And here's me with the "Bennett" (my Mum's side) concentration tongue:

The band was delayed at the wedding, so us guys had to entertain the masses with a bit of air guitar:

Here's our "hey ladies" look:

Picking grapes for the wine to have at dinner...

...which went down well with everyone:

Stu and Mel, a wonderful couple, all of us agree!

By Tony Baker: email