Snowboarding in Kitzbuhel, Austria


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We REALLY struck it freaken lucky with the snow in Austria, best start to the season they said and I'm in agreement. I can't remember better snow in the 10 years I've been "season-warrior" (I just made that word up) boarding:

A stack of us went, 16 in total once you include a couple of people from the hostel who defaulted to being part of our group :-) Here's some of us on the last day:

3 of the chicks are missing in the photo, Nic, Becky and Aimee because of injury, Katie because she had gone home after 10 days and Crazy is missing because he's an idiot and did other stuff, missing out on the best day of snow and weather.

Here's the hostel we stayed at:

It's gotta be the happiest place in Austria, thanks to the happiest man in Austria, Dave, running the place:

Always a cheery word to everyone who stayed there, such as "Piiss off" (which is Austrian for "thanks for choosing to stay with us"), especially to all the "seasoners" (people who stay for the whole season). Dave calls them "maggots" which is Austrian for "I love you heaps and heaps".

Here's a few snaps of the snow:

And a nice fat little birdie (which tasted great):


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