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Wow, first off, I just have to say that Rome is AWESOME! I was expecting some kick ass architecture but I was really blown away by the size and scope of everything!

I went with James, Kent, (me) and Richard:

One of the first things we saw was the Spanish steps, which was close to our Hotel:

(Shame about the scaffolding over the obelisk). The reason our hotel was in the city was because we where moved from our originally book hotel. When James was checking us in, I was Joking around by saying "Oh sorry sir, we don't appear to have a booking", only for the guy to tell us just that. I then joked "damn guys, we came a year EARLY I bet!", only for the guy to say that our booking was for 2007. After that the guys where wanting me to joke about us winning lotto...

After a walk past all the Prada shops, you come across "Trevi de fountain", which is absolutely outstanding:

You can't get the whole fountain in one pic, that pic above was made up of 6 individual pics stitched together! For most of the sights I found I had to stitch pics together to get everything in.

Here's the night time view:

Just down the road is the Pantheon:

Inside is pretty cool:

With doors big enough to keep most of the riff-raff out:

A nice stroll though Piazza Navona:

to a classy restaurant for a nice feed, before going out drink ourselves silly.

When we where wandering around during the day, we all got a kick out of this sign (cicacica BOOM was our catch-phrase for the holiday)

Only to find out that the strip joint was RIGHT NEXT to our hotel (Caprice):


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