Ray and Minttu's Wedding

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WELL!!! WHAT and effort it was getting to Ray and Minttu's wedding in Helsinki (Finland)! Our flight out from Heathrow happened to be scheduled the same day the bloody terrorists decided to try and take out a bunch of planes with bombs. Now get this, AFTER they caught all the terrorists they THEN decided to raise the security level to critical and introduce all the extra security measures (like not being able to take hand luggage onboard, etc). I'm not going to go into how ironic I think that is right now, because I'd be digressing.

What a pain in the ass it was, here's a pic I took onboard using a camera I, err, smuggled onboard:

(OK, perhaps the above isn't true)

As a result of spending an entire afternoon the day before the wedding in a panic trying to find other flights, Crazy came up with a winner, flying out the morning of the wedding:

(That's Tracy, Rays good mate, on the left who joined us for the flight and adventures, along with Richard trying to look smooth and Crazy, well, looking Gay by jacking off his thumb off or something)

10 HOURS of security checks, travelling, stopovers, etc we made it, 10 MINS before the wedding! Awesome timing if I do say so myself! It was worth all the hassle just to see these two say "I do":

and make out in front of everyone:

Ray was pretty stoked with himself, making out with a gorgeous woman in front of all his mates:

And he proceeded to celebrate that face with a wee drinkie:

The reception after was sweet as well, catching up with everyone, like Yogi the bear:

(that's Chris, Yogi and myself)

Of course, us guys put on our smartest outfits and where on our best behaviour for the wedding:

Yep, really sober the whole time:

That's right, Crazy, not even your nick-name can escape you at wedding seating arrangements:

Here's another lovely picture of the newly weds.

I call this shot "Thanks for the 4 millionth photo, Tony":

OHHH, and there was also a really sweet fire-dancing show put on during the reception!

Ahh, yes. Here's we are again even more sober, plus we all managed to hook up with a chick!

Yeah, literally one chick!

Richard tried to even the odds a little more, but didn't quite manage to pick up another lady. His first mistake was probably trying it on with the Bride:

They traditional grab for the bouquet was the usual amusing affair, with the guys watching on, placing bets on who would come out on top of a chick fight:

Minttu was pretty stoked to finally leave with Ray to go to the hotel room, where she could finally loose her, err, bottle out the window...


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