NZ Night out 1 of 2: Hamilton



Of course, we had far more than two nights out on the lash when we were in good ol' NZ (in fact, it's far easier to number the nights we didn't drink), but here is one of the two nights that I have photographic and more importantly, video evidence of.

Basically, Crazy and I tried to get as many of the boys that could make it, together for a night out on the piiss. The initial goal was to have one last big hoorah to the Hillcrest Tavern (Hilly) as it is closing down *GASP*. For those of you not in the know, the Hilly was very much a home away from home during most peoples time at Waikato University. Unfortunately, the Hilly was closed except for the "sports bar" *GASP* so we had to settle on our second home away from home, the Outback (in Hamilton city center)

Here are most of the boys (and girl, poor Hannah was well outnumbered):

Leath and his missus joined us out on the town:

Cullen looking as hard as usual:

Sorry, NOW he's looking hard as usual:

Glenn and I playing "gay chicken", that's the closest I've come to really loosing, Glenn has no fear...

The Outback dance floor, in far more vivid detail than I usually see it in:

I do have to give credit to the ladies of Hamilton (and NZ in general). I have to say that the big-bum-and-chest,-hay-bail-throwing stereotype of the typical look of a kiwi chick (who said that?!) couldn't be more wrong! Short skirts and hot-shorts are in fashion in NZ at the moment (I'm glad to say) and the vast majority of the ladies are HOT.

Of course, I had to get a few pic's taken with them for scientific research and to prove this point!


However the real essence of the night is REALLY captured in the following video. This is a must see:

Tony presents:

Night out in Hamilton:

low res (download)

medium res (via Google, recommended)

And if you enjoyed this page and vid, just wait until my next posting which will be Stu's stag do... streaks, peeing, 3rd degree burns and welts on arses await your viewing pleasure...


By Tony Baker: email