My 30th and Nic's XX Birthday Party



Well, I had an AWESOME Saturday just gone, thanks to all of ya who managed to make it to our party!

Here's a couple of snaps of those of ya that could squeeze into the back garden (I took from Leen's room):

If there was a prize for the best dressed, it would have to go to Ian (and I wouldn't have expected anything less from the man):

Pete had a good effort as well:

Crazy decided to turn up in the costume he was given as a present when we went to Amsterdam (shiit, I really need to get that page up too):

I don't know what it has to do with a beach theme either, but the last thing I'll do is try and question Crazy's logic...

The biggest party animal of the night was Richard, here he is going absolutely nuts next to Katrina (gee, dude, calm down!!!):

The lovely Kate and Karen:

Here's Karin looking lovely again... Shame the same can't quite be said for Chris, Mark, Craig and Crazy's tail in the background, however...

Mark, are you blowing Crazy? Chris, I don't even wanna know what you have in mind...

This is a better pic! Craig, Kate, Mark, Karen, Pete (Pete, how smooth are you looking)...

Oh, and another lovely snap with myself, Karen, Katrina and Andrew (who's fresh off the boat):

Katrina decided to try out some new beach them hair extensions:

Here's Matt and I dancing sensibly (to some waltzing music I imagine).

Gee, wonder how we got so drunk... oh yeah... GO THE PADDLING POOL!!!

And a few more lovely snaps to finish the page off:

Mark, Pete, Kate, Me, Grant, Crazy, Ian, Richard

Anne, Matt, Leen, Tania, Shan

Craig's head (I think) and Meels

Shan and Dennis, propping each other up:

Again, thanks to ya all for making it such a sweet night!



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