Ian and Shan's Guy Fawkes Party

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Ahh, fireworks, aren't they pretty?!

Well, what better way to enjoy them, than with some of THIS!!

You just have to be careful when handling booze, you don't want accidents to happen:

Much safer to stick with fireworks, after all, what's the worst that could happen mixing booze with explosives?!

Oh... booze, fireworks and Ian, didn't think of that...

...I see...

Ya like that boys and girls?!


I think right about here is time to show ya the fireworks video, which the pics from above came from and you can see all the action!

I like to call it "Guy Fawkes Party at Ian and Shan's: An example of why fireworks should be banned"

You can download it in low res

Go to YouTube to see it
(it got rejected by Google video, my first video  that was classified as "inappropriate" and breached their all high and mighty "morals", pffff)

Or simply click play below to watch it:


18/11/06 - After receiving this email from my Mum (Dear Diary, 18/11/06) I now feel that it's only right I point out what really went on here, just in case any of my younger and more influential readers might think the above is "cool".




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