House on the Hill



Juliana and Alice never do parties by half, so for Juliana's birthday party we all went off to the countryside to have a very English weekend at a country retreat!

BBQ's were the staple diet, with scones and whipped cream for dessert, of course (honestly, I was expecting a dog called Timmy and lashings of ginger beer to be flowing too!):

Here's Ben, serving the food French style for some reason:

The weekend consisted of lounging about in the sun:

or shade:

Drinking pitcher after pitcher of Pimms and lemonade (the lovely Kate here):

Rousing games of Croquet (Alice taking a cracking shot):

Here's a Croquet-ball-cam view of Kate taking her shot:

Juliana giving an action-woman display of the correct route around the croquet course:

Pétanque (I'm here with Ben, yes that's a very stylish top hat on my head):

And swing-ball, which also doubled up as a game of take-each-others-head-off:

The house was surrounded by a moat, having it's very own boathouse:

The canoes proved very useful in fishing out any tennis or croquet balls that went in the drink:

Or for just chilling out, having a nice paddle (or seeing just how fast you could go and ramming the banks):

To top it all off, there was an indoor swimming pool with water-slide!

God help you if you forgot your swimming costume, there where spares:

Here's a video of our Swimming pool antics, what, you think we wouldn't be responsible with a water-slide and swing to use?!


Low-res (download)

Medium-res (via Google, recommended)


And of course the evening was spend around the fire, drinking and singing the night away:

The English Countryside, not just for cows.

By Tony Baker: email