Tony and Crazy's going away party



Well, it is literally just a few mins before Crazy and I are being picked up by Matt and Tash who are kindly taking us to Heathrow Airport to begin our trip!

Last night we had our going away party at Fulham Broadway Slug and Lettuce. Was a FREAKEN FANTASTIC NIGHT!!! Here are the pics, enjoy!

It all started off pretty civil:

But quickly went downhill as expected...

...with the help of the chick dishing out shots! Eyes forward, Stef:

Here are Two of the gayest pics I have of Crazy:

And here's a wee vid of the evening to give you a tiny taste of what it was like!!!

Thanks to everyone who managed to make it at such short notice, I know I sure had a fantastic time :-)

Check back soon, I'll try and update during our trip!!

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