Diving in Sipadan


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Crazy and I hit the absolute jack-freaken-pot when we went to Sipadan (staying at the Kapalai resort). Here's a view...

...from the sundeck:

The whole resort was built up out of the sea, the only "land" was at low tide when a sand bar became visible or if you looked at the horizon where you could make out an island.

You stay in "huts":

Basically, it got a thumbs up for moi:

The whole first day Crazy and I where basically giggling about how freaken unbelievable the whole situation was:

Being in the ocean you get to see cool stuff even from the resort itself. Here is a "Banded snake", it's the most venomous snake in the world:

It's pretty small and can only break human's skin in places like the webbing between your toes, I told Crazy off for picking it up and pretending to eat it... (OK, fine, even Crazy wasn't that crazy).


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