Commuting to Work



I debated if this would only be interesting to non-London commuters or to people who have lived in London and are now back home, no-one, or what!

The clips were taken a few months ago and I've finally gotten around to making it. It shows how I get to work from doorstep to doorstep, from Putney, through Clapham Junction, Waterloo, London Bridge, Greenwich to Westcombe Park. Thankfully in the next few weeks it will be shortened considerably when work moves to Waterloo and I can get back on my bike!

I'm rather happy how this video has come together, I reckon it is pretty cool to watch, so you can relate to what I go through or to see what commuting in London is like, via Bus, Train and Tube.

I'll be laughing at all the rubbish I used to go through in years to come when I'm travelling by hover-car...

Check it out here:

Low-res (6.6MB) or Medium-res (via Google - recommended)

Here's  a few snaps from the video itself:

Coming into Clapham Junction

Lovely packed trains:

Battersea Power Station

London Eye:

Waterloo Station

London bridge (dah):

Tower Bridge:

Canary Wharf:

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