Cap D' Ail 2006



The feeling of a dreadful holiday started right at the beginning when the airport lost all of Kent's luggage:

After having to spend an hour filling in lost luggage forms we could finally take off, naturally just missing the bus to Cap D' Ail by seconds and having to wait 2 more hours for the next bus to arrive:

We finally managed to hitch a ride once we found out after a 3 hour wait that the last bus for the day was cancelled. It's a long boring windy road to Cap D' Ail:

Kent got car sick and the van we were in broke down 3 times before FINALLY made it:

Unfortunately, the hotel that we were to stay at had lost our reservations and there were no vacancies available:

We were all absolutely exhausted when we finally got set up in a hotel, met the others and couldn't really enjoy the evening at all

The next day it was down to the beach. I told Kent that last year you get a really great view as you walk down to the beach, I was sorely mistaken this year:

We tried to drown our sorrows with a few beers, but Kent knocked them all over just as they were placed down in front of us, Kent blamed it on me and we had a huge fight:

The talent on the beach this year was NOT cool:


Yeah, we saw some real freaks on this holiday:

We all went out the second night to a seafood restaurant. Unfortunately due to an algal bloom all the seafood was dodgy and we all got explosive shiits for the next few days:

After being up all night sick, we went to Monaco the next day to watch the All Blacks play South Africa. South Africa took the lead, DAMN IT!

I was really looking forward to my classic "sitting in the formula 1 car" photo like last year, but they bloody well removed the car! STINK:

Went to the casino, lost all our money, everyone hated Monaco:

We finally made it back for some more beers at the hotel to drown our sorrows, only to watch all the rich yobbos sail past in their flash ships, pointing and laughing at us no doubt:

We hired scooters for one of the days and went up to Eze village, which was closed. This is as far as we got to it because half the scooters got punchers and we had to walk them all the way back down the mountain:

Of course the real gutting part of the whole holiday was knowing that Stef and Adele weren't there to be with us. We tried to make do, but it was no real substitute:

In general, the Cap D' Ail holiday this year SUCKED!

By Tony Baker: email