Brazil vs Croatia



I finally got my shiit together and went to see a world cup soccer football game at a pub last week to do some "research" and see what all the fuss was about. Matt G and Pete have been going hard out every night visiting a different pub to see each game, going to a Brazilian pub to see a Brazilian game for example, so I thought that they would be the best people to get stuck in with.

Well, what can I say, except the Brazilians know how to FREAKEN PARTY! I was blown away by how intense the celebrations were, even well before the game. You think you're a huge rugby supporter and have had some fantastic rugby celebrations (most likely watching the All Blacks kick Australia or something) at the Walkabout? Well, you probably have, but still, I hadn't seen anything quite like what I saw at the Guanabara Bar in Covent Garden.

Of course, I threw myself head first into the celebrations (almost literally at times), becoming an instant Brazilian (just add beer) along with Pete and Matt:

The result can be seen in the following vid (all recording done on my phone, if you're wondering why it isn't up to my usual fussy high standards):

low-res (download)

Medium-res (va Google)


Oh yeah, and the result of my "research", soccer is just tennis with feet, combined with Nancy boys falling to the ground clutching their shins if the wind blows too hard on them.

Rugby is FAR more interesting to watch :-)


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