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The other weekend a bunch of us went to Barcelona to hook up with Craig and Kim (over from NZ) and to check it out!

Here we all are at lunch, with Craig and Kim's mates who live in Spain closest to the camera and Kim, Kent, James, Richard, Craig, me and Andrew clockwise around the table from them.

Started off at Arc De Triomphe (yeah, in Barcelona, I haven't confused it with Paris) on our way to the apartment we booked:

Then it was down to the main tourist road, "Les Rambles" to see if we could get pick-pocketed by the many dodgy looking locals:

Some of us were better at identifying dodgy looking characters than others:

Although not all dodgy guys were capable of hiding any wallets they might've picked:

Of course, it didn't take us long to find our first Pub. Craig and Kim's mates were the perfect hosts, taking us to one really cool pub:

It used to be a wax museum with the interior heavily decorated, which made for a cool environment to drink in!

We carried on that night getting rather tanked, even seeing George Michael cleaning the streets! He must have been found asleep at his cars steering wheel one too many times:

Apart from us doing the haka (on the video) Kent and Andrew also tried to climb this statue:

Here's Kent struggling to get up it:

Seriously, he's really trying:

If you can't work out the rather amusing result of what happened next, I strongly urge you to check out the video.

Amusing story the next morning when Kent puts on his clothes and says "YUCK! Did I vomit on myself?! What is this shiit all over my Jeans?!" We had to remind him of the statue and that it was in fact bird shiit, not vomit. The next day we could see clean streaks down the statue :-)


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