Xmas Party



Stef organised a sweet Xmas party for most of our mates last Friday. About 30 of us turned up and we had a fantastic night!

Secret Santa was a highlight of the evening with Dennis dressing up as Santa and handing out the presents. As you can see he was so excited about doing this job he did a wee wee in his pants:

Abuse of the secret Santa was rife, with willie extenders and vibrators making up a couple of the presents, of course, most people had a go:

Here's the lovely Juliana, Katrina, Alice and Karen:

Aimee, Shea and Tim:

Emma took the opportunity to propose to Cara with her present:

Of course she accepted:

The lovely Tash and Adele, waving to the camera:

The conga "grope" train (which I'm sure was Ian's idea):

Well, well, well, if my eyes don't deceive me, it looks like Richard and Cara are getting it on! Go the Christmas spirit (such as vodka and tequila shots)!

Pete and Crazy turned up after arriving back from their snowboarding holiday (baaaaastards):

Nic came along as Mrs Clause, Dennis was very excited by this:

So was Richard when he saw:

Awwwwww, and some lovely, soppy pics to finish on:

All in all a fantastic evening. Great to see everyone that managed to turn up! Have a very Merry Xmas everyone!

By Tony Baker: email