We're all going on a, summer holiday



Ahh, last weekend sure brought back a few memories of when I was a kid. Packed into the car with the family, off to the beach for Xmas/New Years with the cuzzy's, listening to Mum and Dad's craap music recorded on those weird plastic boxes, I think they where called "tapes".

7 of us took off to Croyde, just below Wales Friday after work to go camping, Stef, Adele, Crazy, Karen and two of Karen's mates, Alice and Juliana. Crazy and I took off in the hire car with Alice and Juliana and within about 10 mins I could tell it was gonna be a great weekend :-)

Here's tent city and Adele being the great wife to Stef that she is, doing her womanly duties of being a makeshift beanbag:

Stef and Adele didn't actually stay with us in the camping ground. Stef doesn't do anything less than a hotel "Homie don't play that".

We had an action packed Sat. Things kicked off early watching the All Blacks stomp the Lions with a three nil test series defeat (Crazy and I where the only Kiwi's in the pub, and everyone there knew about that) and we treated ourselves to a proper English breakfast in the sun to celebrate (left to right, Juliana, Alice, Karen, Adele, Stef and Crazy):

Next was a trip to the beach to soak up some sun and watch Crazy check out the beach babes:

As you can see, the UK actually has some pretty darn nice beaches! Water was far from tropical though, defiantly reminded me of good ol' NZ, off surfing with Stu in ChurChur.

Then a trip to go Clay Pigeon shooting with Stef, Adele, Crazy and Karen was on the cards! Haven't done that before and I must say, it was loads of fun. Stef and I tied for first place and in the shootout I threw the game to let Stef win, just to be a great mate... ;-)

Here's a scene no sane person would ever want to be confronted with, Crazy John with a loaded shotgun in his hands:

And here's me, taking aim at a couple of commies running up the hill.

Next on the agenda was a round of golf with Crazy, Stef and Adele, in total style cruising around in two golf carts! We quickly found their limits of performance with a few games of dodgem:

Loads of fun. Of all people, Crazy ended up winning our mini golf tournament! Well done that man, here he is taking the putt that won him the tourney:

Finally, Alice, Juliana, Crazy me and Karen decided to take off up the sand dunes at the beach to have a barbie and celebrate Juliana's birthday:

We had a fantastic view of a gorgeous sunset:

Cooked a great Barbie, toasted some marshmallows:

and proceeded to get absolutely tanked on wine, bubbly, gin, Archers and beer.

We stayed up on the sand dunes for about 8 hours until the wee hours of the morning and the booze lasted no worries. You can imagine the state we got into, especially after a few drinking games. We pretty much reverted into giggling 12 year olds and that's when I brought up the idea of spin the torch. I have to say that playing spin the torch with 3 chicks for God knows how long who where initially too drunk to realise that I was the only guy playing was a fantastic experience that I'd just like to brag about (even though I usually make it a rule not to put any personal relationship/conquest stories on my site - but this is just amusing). Why was I the only guy playing even though Crazy was there you ask? Well, he didn't wanna play in case he had to kiss me (as if he could do any better). No worries, the chicks practically BEGGED Crazy to join in saying that, he wouldn't have to do ANYTHING if his spin pointed to me. What was Crazy's reply to the prospect of making out with 3 gorgeous chicks? Can you guess? Yep, still a big flat NO. Shiit, can't say I cared, I was too busy grinning from ear to ear.

Now some of you might be thinking "Crazy is a completely freaken crazy fool, why, Crazy, WHY?!". However I'm sure there are some of you saying "Well, Crazy's just a sensitive new age guy who who respects women too much and is just really shy". I'd like to respond with the fact that being "respectful and shy" didn't stop him slapping Juliana on the ass at 4am on the walk back to the camp site, nor did it stop him overstaying his welcome in the chicks tent while the rest of us went to bed :-)

The only explanation is, that Crazy is crazy and I have created a new word to classify Crazy John. You can say you've herd it here first:


(That's Hetro-homo-phobic, a crazy condition that makes you scared of making out with women or men when an easy opportunity presents itself)


On Sunday after another day on the beach we headed back home, stopping for a traditional pub lunch and to check out Stonehenge:

So I can tick that off my list now.

All in all, an absolutely gorgeous weekend away in the sun at the beach with some fabulous people! Go check out Croyde today!

By Tony Baker: email