The Last Couple of Weekends...



...have been pretty full on for me. The other weekend involved going on a boat rave, which all started off with Dennis and I playing spin the bottle with the spirits I "found" sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor:

We then took off to Temple Walkabout to get "well pissed, gov' " and watch some soccer (sorry, football, actually, I'm NOT sorry, it is bloody well soccer).

Watching soccer is a bit of an oxymoron for me and most of the boys, it's really just skulling snakebites while yelling the first slurred bollocks insults that pop into your head at the nearest pom, giving the finger and screaming "GET IT ON UP YA, YA BAAAAASTARD" (whatever that means) at the TV whenever the pub crowd seems to be taking an interest at something going on.

We eventually made it onto the boat:

The boat rave involved drinking, frying our brains and jumping around like lunatics while passing some of London's lovely sites, such as Big Ben and the Houses of parliament:

And Canary Warf:

Here's a video showing some of the day up to about this point... after here things get really blurry and funky to remember, the photos on my camera didn't even really help to clarify things the next day... here's Dennis getting put in his place by Nicole:

And Audrey:

At least we know we went to Vauxhall and it was via the train. I do have flashbacks of us chanting "We're in first class" to passer-by while sitting near the toilet...

The Long Weekend

Ahh, nice hot weather and the Monday off work, what untold sweet possibilities lie before me? Drinking, playing poker and going raving of course.

We started off after work in 25+ degree C weather, sitting outside the pub drinking piss, a hugely unexpected start:

Stef, Adele, Mark, Ray, Dennis, Nic, Crazy, Richard all turned up. So did Amy, but I didn't manage to capture her in any photos:

Seeing as Adele seemed to like turning her head away from the camera, here she is in all her glory, next to Dennis behaving himself:

Cunning plan for getting past thick-as-shiit bouncers: The pub we went to was freaken packed, but the pub opposite wasn't, so we got beers from there and drank them outside the packed pub instead. The empty bar had their rear doors opened, so this plan was working out sweet. When they worked out this little scheme they shut the doors, making us walk around to the other side whereupon we where greeted by 6'4" South African bouncers who looked liked they just recently had a "see how many nails you can hit into a hardwood stump with your head" competition. They took one look at us in shorts and sandals and basically told us to fu<k off but quick as a jack-rabbit with a dog biting its nuts, Ray said "oh, but we've got a bar tab, guess we won't be paying that off...", a few seconds of watching the bouncers synapses slowly but surely fire off behind a few inches of skull eventually paid dividends with a successful "ug, you go in and pay" response, which involved a high five inside and us buying as much beer as we could carry back out again. Very simple, but very effective.

The boat rave fried my brain just enough to make me agree to go out raving again with Stef and Dwaine this weekend. Started off at the Fez club which you either love or hate. Stef and I love it as we've had a few excellent starts to some nights there, what with it's 80's style dance floor with coloured flashing tiles and cheesy dance music, what's not to love? We danced the evening away until 2:30am before Stef and I took of to Fabric in Farringdon where we simply got SMASHED, killing off several months worth of future intelligent reasoning in a single evening. Here's a few snaps of the laser show they had there:

The rest off the weekend was spent recovering... well I wish... after spending another day playing poker I ended up going out Monday night to Long Island Ice Tea in Leicester Square with James, Richard, Leanne and assorted others for 2.50 cocktails. Thank god I've had work to go to this week to recover.

Now, bring on The world 7's!

By Tony Baker: email