Snowboarding in Chamonix



Myself, Matt, Crazy and Pete (Crazy's workmate) took off for a primo holiday snowboarding a week ago:

As you can see, we had perfect weather for all 4 days of snowboarding, and there was a dump just before we turned up (although no snow while we where there).

We where all on Snowboards apart from Pete, who was an extreme skier. Here's a pic I caught of him going hard trying to follow me:

He didn't quite make it and ended up getting buried in the snow:

It wasn't all snowboarding, there was an extreme level of drinking involved too:

And Matt had fun digging the car out:

We did of course go to the casino while we where there. Crazy went crazy and lost 100 euro on his first two roulette bets, but managed to claw his way back to being up 150 euro after winning on red/black 10 times in a row and then proceeded to loose it all again and be back down 100 euro. Just before we walked out he put 100 more euro on red and won, walking out flush. Crazy. We had to put up with him talking about wanting to go back to the casino for the rest of the holiday.

It's a little known fact that Hansel and Gretel live in Chamonix, here is there gingerbread house:

And this was the local transport.

When going on a snowboarding holiday, you would think that you'd loose weight, but after Matt dared me to go half with him on a Raclette, which is French for "Big Fu<ken block of cheese you melt and eat" (I think I got the translation right) I reckon I put weight on:

Yes, that's the half block of cheese you can see in the background, under a heater. No, we didn't finish it all.

Just to make all you skiers jealous of the fantastic weather we had, here's a few snaps. This is looking down from 3,300 meters at the top of a black run. Here's my commentary on the run we took (You can see Chamonix and the village in the valley):

Looking across the valley back to the other ski field:

This photo was taken on the last day. OK, we did have a wee bit of cloud roll in, after we had finished for the day of course!


Extreme Snowboarding Video

Worth every second of the download, enjoy! :-)

By Tony Baker: email