Snowboarding in Three Vallees

(08/04/05) - Watch THE snowboarding video!


FINALLY I can put this page up. Taken a while to get the pics and vids off of Matt, but it was worth the wait!

9 Of us guys went, so you can probably imagine the sort of shiit that went on:

(Left to right - Shoes, Harnish, Pete, Matt, Neale, Stef, Myself, Crazy and Mark - on Monday night pub crawl)

The best thing was having it snow the whole way (providing some nice scenery) and us knowing it was dumping on the mountains:

The snowboarding itself proved to be fantastic, with Crazy and I finding some gorgeous off piste powder to play in, knee deep in places:

And as you can see, some fantastic weather for the week after it finished dumping:

View from highest point in Three Vallees, from Glacier at Val Thorens:

One of the major features of this holiday was having fun in general. Highlight was the Monday night pub crawl we went on, carnage ensued, including us building a human pyramid on one of the nightclub floors (I dunno who the chick was getting on the top):

We got tanked before the event as well, drinking heaps of beer, well, except for Pete and Crazy who ordered these gay looking drinks (Crazy's was a virgin drink too, highlighted in the menu below. As long as I've known Crazy, he still makes me shake my head in disbelief at times):

Now, it might just be me forming a completely invalid correlation here, but Crazy and Pete were the very same two who tried to pick up the Man/Woman on my other page on the same trip!

Hmmm, I'll let you form your own conclusions about that one.

Anyway, back to the snowboarding, here's a couple of crazy jumps crazy and I did:


I call this one "The Monkey":


As you can see from that last photo, Crazy's attitude to going over jumps is "FU<K IT, go hard and if you die at least you'll look cool on camera!!!"

Well, that's about all the pics I can be bothered posting, well, except for the following two which Stef doesn't want me to post.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most chronic case of hat hair I've ever seen in my life. I actually saw a small child break down into tears and hide behind her Mummy screaming "MONSTER, MONSTER" when she saw this:

Adele, you didn't need to worry about Stef running off with any women on that trip, believe me.



Make sure you watch it with sound! Otherwise it won't be half as good, wait until you get home if necessary, it'll be worth the wait.

Enjoy it, I personally think it's my greatest video to date :-)

Let me know what you think of it!

By Tony Baker: email