Snoop Dogg



Crazy, Ray, Minttu and I went to see Snoop Dogg last Friday!

Minttu is Ray's better half who he recently got engaged to:

It's not really a concert I would normally consider, but I decided to go a) because Crazy was really keen and said Ray was too (Ray went because Crazy told him he was really keen and I was) and b) To watch a few thousand black guys take it in turn to beat the craap out of Crazy when I imagined him "gettin down" in front of a doped up bunch of ethnic minorities, wearing his "sniper" baseball hat yelling "wotz up yal niiiiigazzz, fuzzy, wuzzzzy, give me some of dat sticky icki icki!!!!".

Surprisingly and luckily for Crazy the crowd was mainly white.

As it (not) surprisingly turns out, we only just managed to actually make it to the concert. I asked Crazy in passing on the morning of the concert if he had the tickets on him ready to go. He said, nah, they're still at the post office (give him a break, he only had several weeks to go and pick them up).

So he decided to ring the post office and ask them if they where still there, they told him they where being returned to sender and after several frantic calls he managed to stop that happening at the last minute. After hearing this I asked him to confirm if the post office closes at 1pm (hey, it's England), he said yep.

Seeing as it was 12:30pm I told him he better get is running shoes on or be prepared to cough back up my 's. He said nah, I'll pick them up tomorrow. Hmm, Crazy, I don't know if the doorman will accept that... After a further crazy conversation it dawned on me that Crazy thought the concert was tomorrow and not today (even though he booked it). After not believing me because his diary said otherwise he came too when I sent him a web link. So he phoned back the post office and found that it re-opened later in the afternoon and closed again at 6:30pm. Needless to say the God of Good luck is always smiling on Crazy (Shame about the gods of reasoning and logic) and we managed to get the tickets.

Snoop Dogg was DAMN good. He scored big points with the English crowd wearing an English football (that's soccer to you and I) top with "Snoop Dogg" along the back.

Was also like watching someone you know come out on stage, considering all the movies he's been in. DAMN he is a lanky baastard. Here's a tiny taste of him onstage.

By Tony Baker: email