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Damn, what an awesome weekend the one just gone was! Shane and Sarah are getting married and we sent Shane off in style with a night of freedom he won't soon forget (well, the bits that he can remember).

After consultation with the boys, we all decided that the video footage that was taken that weekend could be used to construct the longest and most dodgy video I've ever made. Ladies and gentlemen:

Shane's Stag Do: small (for download) and medium (on Google, recommend medium)

We started off with him wearing a Santa outfit for the flight over, just to see if he would get through customs:

Once we safely arrived in Riga we made him wear a mullet because, well, he's just so God damn sexy with hair:

We chucked our bags in the hostel, listened to the warning about how the Russians would beat the shiit out of us soon as blink at us if we did something stupid and headed out for our first night on the town:

We hired a guide, Alina to show us round the city:

The poor girl didn't know what hit her...

A few of the boys tried a couple of moves on her of course, Crazy was by far the smoothest, as you can see:

But blew it with a really rank fart:

A few of the other guys tried a few moves themselves to impress her:


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