Search Strings



My web site records how many visits I get, along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

A small number of my visitors come to my site from search strings that people enter into google and whatnot.

Here are my favourites (I'm not making any of them up, even though it is April fools day. Also, the spelling is in its original form):

topless car wash pics

def leppard rock grope


sweet website

stupid bets

topless girlfriend

peniis videos

i felt like destroying something beautiful

crazy john

crazy snowboarding

dizzy the clown

cool pool car wash

no means eat me out first

pansy boy

sweet ladies pic

an update on your wife's adventures

tony baker nba

hand of jesus

I want to see kitty cats

And the all time king search string to bring someone to my site:

is it pedophilia if the kid is dead

I mean, WTF?!

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