Sarah's Birthday Bash



Phew! Party central here in London! Sarah turned 30 last week and she held her birthday party last Sat. Started off at the pub getting pissed and then went to this cool club called Westbourne Studio, a two story high open plan club (offices during the day!) with a pool table, foozeball and spacies (Dennis bet me on frogger, I couldn't believe it, must have been so drunk). Here's a snap before the place filled up (Stef's being naughty):

Some of us posing, Dennis actually has his top on in this on:

Here's Adele with birthday girl Sarah. Adele's excited to be in yet another photo:

The lovely Nic and Shan, with Dennis and Crazy in the background. Crazy's about to cry for some reason, he must be close to finishing his beer:

"Al Farbo" Dennis, with the ladies, obviously pushing them off and desperately trying to get away:

Stef was so overwhelmed and excited about sitting between two hot blondes (Hannah and Shannon) that he actually peed his pants with excitement, as you can see. Hanna was very impressed with Stef's smoothness:

Another pic of the photogenic Nic:

And the super-photogenic Cullen and I:

I got a great pic of most of us on the couch...

...before I realised that the birthday girl wasn't in the pic! Sarah took care of that problem very casually and with a lot of decorum when she realised:

I'm threatening Shane here, telling him to give me his shoes and go cook me some eggs (no, really, we weren't simply dancing awfully):

A great pic, showing Mark, Adele, Sarah, Shane, me and Stef and Richard in the background. Sarah was stopping Shane falling forward while I was prodding him in the back to keep him from taking out Adele. Mark was of course supplying Shane with another drink:

I've never seen Crazy and Sharon look SO BUSTED before! I wonder what the hell they where just doing...

Oh, I see:

A great pic of me, Cullen and Richard, with Shan the drinks holder:

Lovely pic of Adele and her new man, WELL, I mean we've all seen the proof on a previous page now, haven't we?!!!

Cullen's just happy that people know him and aren't asking him to valet their car:

Crazy was having lower back problems, so I performed an emergency backotromotyŽ manoeuvre I've patented, using my years of professional sports therapy:

Obviously I needed a hand, cheers Cullen:

Hmm... this is rather homoerotic, just as well Cullen and I are secure in our sexuality:

Crazy was so stoked with the backotromotyŽ I performed on him, he almost forced Sharon to get one from Mark, that or Mark just scored:

Dennis back-chatted to Shannon, so she smacked him and he stayed like this for most of the evening, Sarah was not impressed with that sort of behaviour at her club:

This is a shot taken just before another pic I took, which I am not allowed to post on my PG rated site, for fear of death, torturer a scalping and a kick in the nads (and no, the other pic doesn't involve Shane and Dennis in the background, who are apparently smoking up the brown tunnel of love by the looks of things. Damn, Dennis is really concentrating on his work!):

Here's Cullen, so legless near the end of the night I had to actually carry him to the bar to get more Tequila:

Another lovely pic of some very lovely people, Adele, Shane, Sarah, Stef and Shannon:

A lovely snap of Hanna and Cullen. They came back to London for 3 weeks and left yesterday to go to Africa for 3 months before returning back to good ol' NZ. Was a pleasure having them stay at my new pad and I'm sure they'll have a safe journey, see ya both back in NZ!

Crazy and Shane, whos feeling the effects of dancing really hard for hours on end:

And I'll let Mr Smooth take you to the end of this page:

Mr Smooth says "Stay in Skool and be kool".

By Tony Baker: email