Premier and Post Premier Birthday Party


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What an AWESOME night! I really wanna thank all those who managed to make it to Ian's Bridgelickers premier (with bonus screening of "Idiots on Ice") and to the Post Premier Party at Temple Walkabout.

I can't remember the last time I woke up still grinning from the night before! With no further to do, here is a selection of photos from the night, there are so many goodies I've had to split them over a couple of pages.

First up is the star of the day, birthday boy Ian, with birthday girl Shannon, in artistic black and white!:

Here's birthday boy Mark in the middle with Shane to his left, obviously enthralled with the enlightening conversation Mark is subjecting him to!

And here's birthday girl Shannon on the Right with birthday boy moi, impressing the ladies with my witty discourse:

Here we are at the bar before the premier, getting as tanked as possible to enjoy the movie in the same state as the Director:

Here I am with Chris and Jordana, you'll notice Chris has grown a fair amount since the last picture:

Here's Petra and Ian who came all the way from Prague, just to see me! That's poor Sarena as my arm rest:

Here's Elle on the right and oh shiit, I've forgotten that blokes name!

Here's Crazy looking as handsome as ever, with Ray and a pregnant Minttu!

Here's my adopted sister Rhian, with Nic and JP my workmate:

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