New York with Stef, Adele, Shane and Sarah



Yet ANOTHER weekend spent in NYC. I started out drinking margaritas Friday night with Heather, Lana and Silver and we ended up getting smashed as usual. They are such a bad influence on me.

After finding myself back in Silvers apartment Sat morning, I then rang up Stef and caught up with him, Adele, Shane and Sarah for another great weekend:

We started off going to Madison Square Garden Sat night for a Heavyweight championship boxing fight between Ruiz and Toney (guess who I was rooting for):

Madison Square Garden was a pretty cool arena and I recommend going there if ya get the chance:

Stef, and I managed to sneak down to the $250 seats for several bouts, the view down there was fantastic:

We saw some great boxing action before we were snapped and had to go back up to the top. It was worth it, the atmosphere down by the ring was sweet.

Don King also came out while we were down there:

wearing all his "bling" and waving American flags like they were going out of fashion. Now there's a man who loves his job.

The next day Stef and I took off to Atlantic City, where we met up with Sheldon for a few hours before going in a Texas holdem poker tournament. We did alright, Stef lasted 2 hours and I lasted 3. I went out with a pair of freaken queens in my hand on an all in (lost thousands in chips). The other guy had a pair of aces. DAMNIT!

Of course, we went to Hooters while we were there:

And wandered around the casinos and hotels, which are like mini towns inside:

(that sky is painted). Here's Atlantic city by night and day (it's basically a poor version of Las Vegas):

We drove back Monday to meet up with the others and went to a sweet restaurant that night with everyone to celebrate how long Sarah and Shane have been together:

The next day involved us mucking about as usual:


...wandering around the streets of NYC a bit more:

...before Stef, Adele and I went on a helicopter ride!

I took some cool pics:

Downtown Manhattan:

Statue of Liberty:

Empire States Building:

Here's a taste of what it was like in the helicopter, I totally recommend it, cost $108 for 10 mins or so.

We finally checked out the world trade centre hole and wall street:

before I took back off to DC to catch my plane back to London!

All in all, yet another fantastic weekend, NYC hasn't let me down yet.

By Tony Baker: email