New York with Chris



With perfect timing, I just happened to be in the US of A for work the same time Chris was (heading back to NZ from London). So last weekend we met up in NYC with Silver, Heather and Lana:

Friday night was basically spent getting smashed at a bar in Brooklyn and I found myself back in Silvers apartment the next morning with a hangover, so it must have been a great night.

Silver is a mate of Chris's that I was fortunate enough to meet as she's a top NYC bird and could give as much shiit back to me as I gave. She's also a bit of an artist:

And drew Chris (I'm sure you'll agree, the resemblance is uncanny):

Chris and I were at a bit of a loss as to what to do Sat, hungover and still a little drunk, so we decided after brunch (New Yorkers don't do breakfast or lunch on the weekend) to do a bit of site seeing:

And I ended up with the following:

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you:

Tony and Chris in New York

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For some reason, Chris just seams to bring out my greatest work.


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