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Ahh New York. Always proving itself to be a winner every time I go. This time I went up just for Sat night to catch up with Lana (left) and Heather (middle). We started off trying to get a snap at each pub (and if we remembered, we would show what number)...

Which worked OK initially. "Elvis" (his real name) who is a mate of Heather and Lana joined us for a bit:

After a few beers and a feed we went to a comedy club for a 2 hour show, which was pretty damn funny (got the ol' face ache from laughing), especially the black dude who reminded me of Samuel L Jackson.

After that we were well and truly pissed, seeing as we were mainly on cocktails for the evening (mmm, sex on the beach), so we headed off for the clubs, minus Elvis:

Yeah, eat ya heart out, fullas :-)

And that's where the fun and other drunken debauchery really got under way.

I'd like to post a few more of the racier / funny pics... but to protect the innocent (!) I won't. I reckon your imagination will pretty much take care of what I'm not posting anyway (and then some if I know any of you as well as I think I do) :-)

After waking up around lunch I just chilled out for the afternoon with Heather after meeting her in Manhattan:

We just wandered around Central Park, one of my more favourite things to do in NYC.

Somewhat unfortunately some pot smoking hippies with a few million bucks decided to erect these bright orange sheets over pretty much every walkway:

Which kinda ruined the back to nature appeal of the place in my mind, but I'm a computer geek, not an artist, so what do I know:

I just hope that when they take them all down they hand them out to homeless people as bed sheets, will make NYC funky looking then!

Of course there was the usual roller-skating freaks to cheer me right up, they're always there.

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