NYC and Up State NY



Well, I've spent the last couple of weeks back in Washington DC for work and as usual, I took off to NYC for the weekend. Silver was kind enough to put me up on her couch and take me out Friday, here we are (her stalker is in the background):

Silver's a real uptown girl where nothing but the best will do. She's a mover and a shaker in NYC, so she took me to where I could meet some classy people:

And hang out in the most upscale establishments (such as Coyote Ugly):

God only knows what I said here:

Basically that night, we got nailed. I can't show you any more.

After I woke up in the early afternoon at Silver's place on the upper East side of Manhattan not knowing how the hell I got there (as you do), we decided to jump in the car and do a wee road trip to up state New York to get back to nature.

As it's nearly Halloween in the States, everyone is beginning to get in the spirit over here. Halloween in the States is almost as big as Christmas for everyone who's not a US citizen. On our way we got to check out some turkeys:

And I got a taste of what it's like to go pumpkin picking, you know, so you can carve one (here I am with Jen, Silvers mate):

We finally made it to some trees and went for a wander. Here's Silver and I at the top of a waterfall:

and here's Silver and Jen RIGHT at the top of the waterfall:

And here's just the waterfall:

As you can see, we saw a waterfall. Oh, and some trees:

And a sunset:

Sitting down, watching the expanse of nature in front of you as the brilliant sun sets behind a sunning landscape really makes you contemplate life and consider how you weave into the fabric of space and time in an infinite Universe... Except for Jen which apparently just makes her wanna pour water on me:

After sorting out my position in the Universe and drying out, I got to enjoy the rest of the sunset, which was breathtaking:

Another wander through the trees and past a lake...

...and it was back to NYC where I got to catch up with Heather and Lana for Sat night:

It was just another run-of-the-mill night out in NYC, i.e. a fantastic night boozing, dancing and having fun to the late hours of the morning.

Here you can see some dude fresh from weight watchers, sorry my mistake, I meant to say fresh from ogling Heather and Lana on the dance floor:

And that's a brief and legal summary of my weekend, well, except for this wee video I put together!!!

Here's my weekend compressed into a couple of mins:

lo-res and med-res

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