Man Or Woman



FINALLY I have this page up. It's taken ages to try and convince Pete to let me, he's scared it'll ruin his chances of ever scoring again for some reason. Crazy just thinks it's hilarious.

I'm going to try and be as impartial as possible on this page and merely present photographic and video evidence and let YOU the reader decide if these "men" (Pete and Crazy John):

nearly managed to pull a chick or nearly got jiggy wid a man. Pete apparently chatted it up while Crazy brought it a drink.

Amusing background story. 9 of us guys were all taking off for the Three Vallee's in France for a kick ass snowboarding holiday. Weather was looking sweet for it, seeing as it was currently dumping snow across the UK and France. We were all to go together in cars in a road trip but Crazy, Pete, Matt and Harnish decided a week or two before to take a flight instead. With all the bad weather bringing all the glorious snow, we found out that our Ferry ride from Dover to Calais was going to be delayed 5+ hours on the water, due to there being only one dock in action in Calais. Stiiiink. Of course we got a phone call and laughter down the phone line from the guys now flying at how screwed we were. So we thought "screw it" and took the Eurotunnel (a train that goes under the sea, like you see in cartoons) and all was sweet from then on.

Meanwhile the guys had managed to get all their stuff to the airport, checked in and were quite smug until Easyjet decided to cancel their flight because of bad weather. Not only that but they had to wait 2 hours for their luggage to be returned before heading back to London and catching a train to Dover. They had to shell out for a night in Dover before making it across to France and catching a train down to the Three Vallee's to get their hire car. Unfortunately they arrived after the car hire had shut, so shelled out for another night before getting to the mountain after 50 hours (you can fly to NZ and back in that time!).

Wasn't all bad as they say they had fantastic nights out clubbing, which included meeting this fine lass (Umm, I mean the one on the right below):

Now, here's the whole point of the page. I think she might look a bit suspect... but I'm willing to highlight features and provide options for you, the reader.

The Jaw

Bit manly looking perhaps?



Adams Apple

One of the FIRST things I look at to see if I think someone might be suspect is the Adams apple, but it's covered it up!!




Ok, I admit, I can see mammary glands




Humping the gay friend (the guys were told that he was gay) from behind! Here's the video (you will have to excuse Harnish bouncing around in the foreground, takeaway's get him overly excited, apparently).




Here is a still from the video:



So, Man or woman?

In order to vote, simply click on one of the radio buttons on the form below, type in a message if you like and click "Submit" to email me your choice (you should be prompted that you're sending me an email containing your selection and comments). Read my email FAQ if you're worried about what I'll do with your email ;-)

Man Or Woman? Anonymous vote.

a) What are you talking about, Tony?! That's a chick, better luck scoring her next time, guys!

b) DUDE!!! That's a MAN, man! Oh dear god what were you THINKING!

c) I dunno, but I'd steer well clear of that!

d) I dunno, but I'd risk giving it a go to find out if I was them!

Optional amusing comment explaining your choice which I might post on my website. No names posted, unless you want me to!:

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