Lenny Kravitz



Last Friday I took off to Brixton Academy with Tania, Grant, Shannon, Adele and Robyn (also met up with Nic and her mate) to see Lenny Kravitz in concert. Can't say I'm a HUGE fan, love a few of his songs, but man, did the concert go off!

It was more of a party first and a concert second, the man had Energy coming out of his ears!


Here's a video, to give you a tiny taste of what it was like, crank up those sounds!


Here's a few snaps, taken with my phone so quality isn't too awesome (especially zoomed in):

Lenny had his cool logo all lit up behind the stage, pulsing away in time to the concert:

He played a few of his slow songs too, he does have a bunch of good ones I suppose:

Backing band members were also damn good, the guy on the right is only 20 years old. His solo was awesome, he's gonna be huge one day:

Lenny came doing into the crowd at the end as well, great guy:

If you get the chance to see Lenny in the future, I recommend going! Very cool concert, the mans a legend and yes ladies, he's even hotter in person (I have this on good authority).

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