Hot Sauce in Prague



Chris and I took off for the weekend to Prague (Praha) to catch up with Petra (Chris's old London flatmate come mate) and Ian (Petra's live-in man-whore. Even though he's an Australian, he's still a top bloke - how weird is THAT?!):

We had a fantastic time and we didn't spend one second from touch down to departure sober. This was enhanced due to me loosing a bet with Chris which involved me buying all the beers for the entire weekend - which Chris took on board to be a personal challenge to himself to see just how much piiss he could sink over 48 hours.

What was the bet you ask? It was to devour a bread stick covered in hot sauce:

Now, I can't emphasise enough just how freaken hot this sauce is. It is by far and away the most intensely hot thing I have ever put in my mouth. A tiny speck of it on a fork felt like someone jabbed a red hot needle through my tongue. One matchstick dipped in it and stirred around in a pot of soup makes it very spicy. It is aged for over a year in a barrel before bottling and contains a warning not to take it if elderly or if you have a heart condition. I know you don't believe me, but it would make Hannah cry.

So anyway, Chris tucked in:

One of the more amusing vids around :-)

Generally the rest of the weekend simply involved Chris and I acting like complete drunken dicks:

That or me getting Chris to act like one.

For some reason we also found ourselves taking as many homoerotic photos as we could. It was incredibly funny at the time:

Now I look back, it is somewhat worrisome. Just as well Chris and I are totally secure with our sexuality (whatever orientation that may be).

If any of you have ever gone out for a night boozing with Chris, then you will be more than familiar with this scene:

The scene of a drunk Maori asleep at the pub. Now, being great mates we were sure to keep Chris safe from harm and not take advantage of his unfortunate situation:

Oh, and here's a couple of snaps of Prague city:

towards Charles Bridge:

and on Charles bridge:

just to prove that we were in fact there.

By Tony Baker: email