House Warming Galveston Road


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Well, we've finally settled into our new flat on Galveston Road, Putney. Tania, Grant and I up rooted, took our dosser Meels with us and found a primo flat.

Last Sat was our house warming. We decided to have a formal theme in a vain hope that it might discourage people making a mess of the place (REALLY vain hope), here's Dame Amelia, Baron Tony, Lord Grant and Countess Tania:

At the moment we've also got Lady Hannah and Father Cullen staying with us:

Here's a few of us boys before the party got under way:

As you can probably imagine with a formal theme, everyone got into the posh role:

Well, by everyone I obviously don't mean Caveman Ian:

Yes, nothing but the good stuff for our guests. A tipple of Blue Label Johnnie Walker you ask?! Why, certainly (courtesy of Master Stefan):

We also shared our housewarming with Madam Robyn's Birthday:

Here are the lovely ladies from Galveston road (Countess Tania and Dame Amelia) and our old Neighbours from Plough Way, Duchesse Michelle and Madam Robyn:

Ok, I've given up on using the Thesaurus now, here's Andrew and Kim, fresh to Merry ol' England and dossing with Stef and Adele at the moment:

Father Ted, sorry Cullen again:

Here's Mark, who joined Ian with a slightly different view on formal dress with a formal Superman, Pete:


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