Diving in Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh

(19/07/05) - Check out The diving video!

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FINALLY! I've managed to get this page together. There was SOOO much footage to go through. But in the end, the wait was worth it! Crank up those sounds and check out

The Diving Video:

Lo-res (download)

Med-Res (via Google)

Large download, but worth it!


Boy oh boy, did we hit the jackpot with where we stayed. Crazy did the legwork to find the best place to stay, and we ended up at the Hyatt resort, a 5* plus place. We just about had people crawling around us to step on if we felt like we wanted to stand on something squishy! We could've easily spent the whole week in the Hyatt resort, never leaving and still had a fantastic time:

That's Craig, me, Mark and Crazy in the foyer.

Here's the Pool area, at night:

and day:

Towel boys, restaurants, eating ice-cream while floating in the pool, and that's before you venture down to Hyatt's private beach:

That photo's taken in the bar, to the right you can just start to see the dive centre, where you can hire all the gear to go diving in the coral to the left! Snorkelling in the coral right off the beach was amazing in itself.

We spent the first few days just lying around on the beach, eating and drinking and snorkelling:

venturing out to go to the pub to watch the All Blacks kick the Lion's ass AGAIN:

And to partake in exploring the other pubs:

and nightlife:

Here's a little vid of us smoking, and Crazy attempting a Guinness World record...

The entire area of Sharm is built right on the Red sea on top of the desert, this is what it looks like without the buildings:

37 degrees air temp, 21 degrees water temp (in the Red Sea itself, dah).

While we were there Crazy, and I went for our advanced PADI open water diving certification, which was heaps of fun. Here's our group:

Me, Kate, Crazy, Di and our instructor Rachel crouching.

We did our first dive at the Hyatt resort's coral reef, but all the rest of the dives were out on the boat. They don't muck around getting tourists out either, there were about 20 boats moored up at the jetty and they all take off within about 20 mins:


Glorious weather every single day.

OK! Now on to the underwater snaps!


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