Cambridge and Poker Weekend



Last Friday I took off to Cambridge with Crazy to simply get on the piss. I knew it was gonna be good when Crazy made it on the train with half a second to spare (literally, I had to hold the door which hit him in the ass as he jumped on) with a bag of beers.

We drank them on the hour trip up there and spoke the usual shiit, met up with Nick and Matt (Crazy's brothers mate) at the station and proceeded to pub crawl our way around. I had the goal of getting as wankered as possible, was in the mood to do so and drinking mixes all evening and re-living the drinks Nick and I had back in NZ pretty much took care of any possibility of soberness:

(Crazy, Matt and Nick)

We eventually ended up at this house party, where we took a KFC bucket and bottle of vodka to be nice and found ourselves with nothing to mix it with, apart from our saliva. Things get real freaken hazy here. I can remember punching Nick in the guts while he was doing a hand stand to prove to someone he could and I also remember destroying Nick's chances of hooking up with some Spanish chick when he went to get a beer and left me near her. I can't remember what I said to her but she took off out the door after I said it.

Once we had scared off everyone from the party, we left ourselves, Nick and I went back to his place while Crazy (on his 6 point plan for a spontaneous weekend) went back with Matt to a hostel. When I got back to Nicks he produce a bottle of Tequila and Sake. We drank both of those between us *apparently* and I found myself waking up at 11am the next morning, still very much drunk, fully clothed (boots on, wallet and cell phone in my pockets) with Nick passing me the last mouthful of Sake. I drank it and believe me when I say I'd rather have had a dog lift its leg on my face than do that again.

So we took off to the pub to make sure we didn't get a hangover by sobering up. I couldn't face a beer for the next couple of hours so after Nick finished his and mine we went off into town and discovered a Cambridge Graduation Ceremony going on! Nick and I have a few stories about gate crashing University do's I'll tell any interested parties over a beer. Needless to say we just had to crash this. We wandered straight in past the bouncers in bowler hats and tuxedoes that were taking tickets at the gate, just like we were supposed to be there and proceeded to "hang" with the graduates and their families:

They all loved us (the novelty of drunk Kiwis at their graduation), and I was amazed that we weren't kicked out considering suit and tie was the minimum dress code there and Nick was only wearing a rugby shirt.

Cambridge universities have as you would imagine absolutely amazing buildings that have been around for hundreds of years and I thoroughly recommend walking past any signs that say "No entry to public" so you can check them out:

After we got bored of yakking to the graduates and wandering about the lawn we took off into some of the buildings:

we found the library (and another student who was studying for his exams that were coming up in the next couple of weeks) and much needed toilets. Here's a video I took on my camera phone, which shows us walking around in the buildings and back out the front gate.

One other thing we did before we left was to get ourselves Cambridge Graduation photos, the real deal (two at 10 each). Those should arrive in 2-3 weeks... Stay Tuned to dear diary to see them.

After our little jaunt I was finally in the mood for a few beers, so we did another little pub crawl and we ended up at this pub playing pool and hustling the locals. After kicking their ass Nick decided to take this guy on, him left handed and the other guy one armed:

The amusing thing was, is that Nick is actually left handed. The even more amusing thing is, Nick lost! Oh well. I had a few more beers and a god awful wake up shot (green after-shock, cheers Nick) and I took back off to London to curl up in a little shaky ball for the rest of the night. Nicks job was done.

Sunday saw me round at Stef's place as it was actually a NICE SUNNY DAY! We played a poker tournament:

And smoked cigars:

Here's out best Hannibal (from the A-Team) look alike:




The end of a great weekend, I'm sure there will be many more...

Oh, I won the tournament, very satisfying as Dennis and Stef play online poker all the bloody time at work, lazy baastards! *ahem*

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