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iT is sooooooo the best place in Europe, it gets a big thumbs up from me!!! LOL

Richard, James and I (bestest buds) were blessed enough to go to Bratislava last weekend, talk about soOoOoOoOoOoOoOo much stuff see and do!!!!!

The whole city is dotted with the wickedest water features which mesmerised us:

EVERYWHERE we looked there was something even more exciting to seeeeeee!!!!!!!

We walked along they crystal clear river and saw a spectacular bridge with the BIGGEST tower on it EVER!! I've seen the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur but MAN this made it look like stood on cat diarrhea:

LOL!!! They have the awesomest castle in Bratislava way up on a hill, Richard thought it was the coolest idea to look like he was HOLDING IT UP!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!! (he's not actually holding it up, it's just a camera trick):

We also took in some of the wicked art in Bratislava, they must be the MOST arty people in the WHOLE WORLD cos their art was EVERYWHERE!!!:

We found some wickedest churches which made Westminster Abby look like dog shiit:

Eat your HEART out St Paul's!!!!! It took Richards breath away and he swore to the lord he would worship him from now on.

Again, there were soooo many statues around that were wicked interesting:

And we even found Bratislava market!! LOL IT WAS PACKED!!! We nearly lost each other but managed to find some rosary beads for Richard to take to church now that he was converted:


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By Tony Baker: email