7's at Twickenham



Went to the 7's at Twickenham last weekend to drink beer and watch rugby:

Try time for NZ:

and another:

Jonah's first game in about 3 years or so was also on at the end of the 7's that day, here he is in his white shirt:

Here's Matt, the Beer B*tch (very similar build as Jonah):


OHHHH And I took a fantastic photo of a CHAV watching the game! For those not in the know, Chav's are basically white trash obnoxious waankers and when they talk only say half of every word. You can find them on busses or shopping malls. Fortunately you will have a fair warning of their approach because they are extremely loud, especially the female variety, who ALWAYS wear massive hoop earrings.

Famous quotes are "ya know wot I mean?", "av ya got a fag", "av it", "innit", "wot u lookin' at" and "fancy a shag".

White trash Chav conversations make teenage phone texts look like Shakespeare...

BEHOLD! The beauty of the Chav:

We ended up going to Temple Walkabout at the end of the day and got quite sloshed. I ditched my straw hat by the kitchen and watched in amusement as it found it's way around the pub, sitting on well over a dozen heads as it went, here's the where's Waldo of straw hats (once I bothered to get my camera out):

It eventually got round to this one dick who wouldn't pass it on to anyone else and claimed it was his. There's always one looser, I'm hoping he has a severe case of head lice right now... :-)

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