What's "Your Say" About?



I got an email from Crazy the other day which said "Another one for John’s regular column on your site: (Crazy’s world! J)" and that got me thinking... Hmm, a section on my site dedicated to all the crazy shiit that Crazy forwards on?! Hmm, nah, my reporter in the field might need space too when she sends me amusing links to weird kiwi news... Nice to announce when some of your amusing / interesting web sites are updated as well like JP's (let me know). There's also the odd email I get from time to time about my site or life in general that are quality.

So what the hell, lets see what happens here. I'll post comments about my site you send me (good or bad), what you think is damn funny (it's gotta be DAMN funny and original, none of these emails that have been forwarded 4 trillion times around the globe) or anything else that you reckon people who read my website would enjoy...

At times I get a lot of shiit coming in, so don't be surprised if sometimes it takes a while for me to post what ya send, but if it's a real cracker, it'll probably go up straight away ;-)

Oh, and the link that Crazy sent was this one which I reckon was lifted from The Daily Show as I saw that last night on American TV (there's also a clip of her getting washed away off camera) - one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh every time I watch it.